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Information for Schools

Woodman Point Quarantine Station offers a unique insight into the lives of a number of Western Australians in modern history.

To assist teachers and educators, we have listed below how the Quarantine Station links to key curriculum criteria.

If you would like to discuss further, or to book a tour, please contact us.

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Year 8

'The ancient to the modern world;

Investigating the Black Death.

The causes and symptoms of the Black Death and the responses of different groups in society to the spread of the disease, such as the flagellants and monasteries (ACDSEH070)

  • Critical and creative thinking

  • Intercultural understanding'

While after the time of the Black Death epidemic, the stories of the Woodman Point Quarantine Station offers a contemporary examination of quarantine, isolation, pandemics, and spread of disease. 

Year 9

'The past in the present

The history of a significant person, building, site or part of the natural environment in the local community and what it reveals about the past (ACHASSK044)

  • Critical and creative thinking

  • Intercultural understanding

The importance today of an historical site (e.g. community building, landmark, war memorial, rock painting, engraving) and why it has heritage significance and cultural value for present generations (e.g. a record of a significant historical event, aesthetic value, reflects the community's identity) (ACHASSK045)

  • Critical and creative thinking

  • Intercultural understanding'

The Woodman Point Quarantine Station is certainly a historical site of great significance. The Western Sentinel by local author Ian Darroch, offers a comprehensive history of the site, including quarantine requirements for the early settlers of the Swan River Colony, to the significant wartime and maritime events which followed until its closure in 1978- this book could make a wonderful text for a Modern History class.


Year 10

'Depth study 1: Investigating World War II (1939–1945)

The causes and course of World War II (ACDSEH024)

  • Critical and creative thinking

The experiences of Australians during World War II, such as prisoners of war (POWs), the Battle of Britain, Kokoda and the fall of Singapore (ACDSEH108)

  • Critical and creative thinking

  • Personal and social capability

The impact of World War II, with a particular emphasis on the Australian home front, including the changing roles of women and use of wartime government controls (e.g. conscription, manpower controls, rationing, censorship) (ACDSEH109)

  • Critical and creative thinking

  • Personal and social capability'

The Quarantine Station was  used as a place to nurse and isolate the sick, diseased and dying from the rest of the population from 1886- 1979, throughout the two World Wars. There are many wartime stories with a strong connection to the Station, including a nearby camp that was established for the Light Horse Mounted Infantry in 1939, and the Boonah tragedy following the end of World War 1.

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