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Woodman Point Lighthouse Images

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The Woodman Point Lighthouse was built in 1902 from local limestone, is (9.8m) high and was officially opened on 23rd August 1902 and is situated at Latitude 32 07.9S Longitude 115 46.0E. It was originally constructed as a rotating light but converted to a sector light of Red, White and Green. However, the sectors were placed incorrectly and Woodman Point is the only lighthouse in Australia that has a green and red sectors reversed. Ships always come in on the white sector.

The light was originally powered by a kerosene vapour light and was visible for 17 nautical miles, and a timing pattern that hid the light for 3 seconds every 30 seconds but was converted to electricity on the 19th July 1955 and de-manned. The light is of 31,000 candle power and eclipses every 27 seconds for a period of 3 seconds and is visible for 34.5 nautical miles (63.9 km) in clear weather and during WWII it was used by the army as a communications base and observation post. The lighthouse has an additional light that shines over Jervoise Bay toward Garden Island and both lights are activated through light sensitive receptors attached to the outside of the lighthouse. In 2011 the 240 Voltage was disconnected and the direction light, that is situated just below the landing, is now powered by solar panels.
Photographs by Earle Seubert
Panoramic view from WP lighthouse

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