SS Riley detained with Smallpox - Woodman Point Quarantine Station

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SS Riley detained with Smallpox

HISTORY > Wartime Smallpox
Vessel detained with Smallpox case onboard
Gem Shipping Line
The Motor Vessel "RILEY", with a crew of 31, including the Master arrived in Fremantle on the 5th March 1939 with one case of smallpox - the boatswain, European, Alf Hawkins, aged 60. Onset was on the 22nd February with rash occurring on the 25th February. The case was mild and modified by successful vaccinations in infancy and in 1914. The case was isolated in his cabin from the 25th February and attended to by members of the crew who had been successfully vaccinated in Shanghai. The case was landed to the Woodman Point Quarantine Station for isolation and treatment. All his possessions and all articles likely to have been infected were landed and disinfected by steam under pressure, whilst all accommodation on the vessel was disinfected by Formalin spraying.
Compiled by Earle Seubert
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