Ship Fort Wrangell detained Fremantle with Smallpox - Woodman Point Quarantine Station

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Ship Fort Wrangell detained Fremantle with Smallpox

HISTORY > Wartime Smallpox
US merchant navy ship Fort Wrangell
The former liberty ship Fort Wrangell came under quarantine juresdiction on arrival at Fremantle on the 3rd April 1946. The vessel was boarded on the 4th April and it was found that two crewmen were confirmed to be suffering smallpox, and the two patients and their effects were then landed into the Isolation Hospital at the Woodman Point Quarantine Station. With the exception of three objectors, the remainder of the crew were revaccinated on arrival. The three Quartermasters who refused vaccination, were landed to the Quarantine Station and detained for a full 14 days. All engine-room crew were were taken to the Quarantine Station on the 5th April for bathing and disinfection of gear and then returned to the ship. The ship's hospital and firemen's quarters were disinfected by Formalin on the 5th April.
The ship was granted free pratique on the 18th April 1946.
Compiled by Earle Seubert
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