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Quarantine Station Crematorium


The Woodman Point Quarantine Station Crematorium was designed by Sir Henry Thompson and built by George and Company in Perth, Western Australia.

The Crematorium building and its apparatus was completed in late 1900 or early 1901, and was built specifically to burn Plague infected corpses after the first two Plague deaths occurred in the metropolitan area, they being, William Campbell (8th April 1900 ) and Sydney Wilson  (12th April 1900).

The furore that followed by the WA public arising from the different methods of disposing of the two original Plague victims, convinced the WA Public Health Authorities to propose the building of Australia's first crematorium with the utmost urgency.

The first person to be cremated in the newly constructed crematorium was James David Clarence Kenworthy aged 35 years, a merchant and market gardener from Hill Street Perth, who died from plague on the 4th March 1901 of pester bubonic and exhaustion, and was cremated at the Woodman Point Quarantine Station on the 5th March 1901 and is buried in Karrakatta Cemetery. The cremation took place under the supervision of the Plague Officer. Dr. T. L. Anderson

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The last person to be cremated at the Woodman Point Quarantine, was Osea Tuqova, 20 years, ordinary seaman from the vessel SUVA, who died of Smallpox at 3.00 PM on the 11th April 1943, and was cremated on the same day.  The cremation took place under the supervision of the  Station O.I.C. Mr R. S. McIntosh.

Photography by Earle Seubert
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