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The Friends of Woodman Point Recreation Camp would like to acknowledge the following people and organisations that have assisted our group and the compilation of this web site:


Alan East

Angela Syms [nee Young]

Annelle Perotti & Family

Anthony Ah Kee
Aquinas College

Azelia Ley Museum
Barry & Gail Shaw: Allied Merchant Seamen's Association [Inc]

Betty & Syd Taylor

Bicton Mens' Shed

Bob [Dec] & June Poore [Dec].

Bob Coventry
Brad Johnson, Senior Projects Manager, Department of Environment & Conservation.
Brian Deane
Bruce [Dec] & Meredith Poore
Cathy & John Davis. Willmington North Carolina
Caylin Valli. Program Co-ordinator
Cassandra Cooper, City of Cockburn
City of Cockburn

Coral Mullins

Dave White

David Ferry & Family. Modesto California
David Mulcahy. Senior Program Co-ordinator. Woodman Point Recreation Camp

David J. Stock
Doris [nee Deane] & Albert Alfirevich

Dr. Trevor Claridge
Earle & Evelynne Seubert

East Fremantle Medical Centre

Electric Pictures
Emma Fletcher

Fiona Crossan

Francesca Bertoni, USA
Frank Churcher Jnr. and Family

Frank Hutchins

Fremantle Rotary Club

Freshwater Bay Museum. formerly known as Claremont Museum
Gail Dodd, MA, MICOMOS, MPHA. Hon. Historian , Friends of Woodman Point Recreation Camp
Gary Marsh & Family

Graeme & Chris Cornish [dec]
Graeme & Ros Smith

Griffith M. Griffiths
Howard & Betty Shepherd

Hugh & Anne Ridgway

Hugh MacLean
Ian & Faye Darroch

Ian Jamieson

Ian Sprigg
Jack Edwards: Secretary, Allied Merchant Seamen's Association [Inc]

Janet Granger [nee Welch]

Janet Napolitano
Jasmine Briggs. NSW. [Hooley Family]

Jay Harman, USA

Jean Durack [nee Young]
Jean-Pierre Héricher Photographer: PHOTO MODERNE.
Jenni Carder and the Poore Family
Jessica Greenaway
John & Cecile Bopp
Jim Wade
John & Jenni Carder
John & Pat Wade [Dec]

John Sorenson
John Tresize
Josh Cooper. Ranger, Department of Parks and Wildlife. Woodman Point.
June Walker

Karen Jardine
Kathleen Koelen, City of Cockburn

Kath Longley
Kathy & Mike Duncombe. Bruny Island Tasmania

Ken Belcher. Castledare Railway

Kerry Peacey
Ken Burton. Former Manager. Department of Sport & Recreation.
King Edward Medical Museum
Lauren McLees: Operations Officer, Department of Environment & Conservation.
Lauris Clifford & Family - [Carroll Family]

Lee & Ros Tate

Lee Seubert

Les Jubbs
Logan & Pat Howlett

Luisa White
Lyal Woods. Ranger, Department of Parks and Wildlife. Woodman Point.

Lynette J. Pearton
Margot Bray & Staff. WA Medical Museum. Subiaco

Marilyn Simcock

Martin Kennealey
Merchant Navy Association

Maureen Webster

Michelle Morrison

Michele Riddell
ike Brewer. Former Regional Manager, Kalgoorlie. Department of Sport & Recreation.
Milton Rea

National Archives, Victoria Park. WA. Alan Ralph - Director.  Marjorie Bly - Assistant Director.

[Access & Communication Reference Officers - Gary Billingham - Kellie Abbott - Tarryn Lawrie - Vesna Liso]

Neil & Rita Wilson

Neil Peacey

Neville Jones

Norm Abbott
Pat Martin [nee Dumble]
Pat Miller, Department of Sport & Recreation
Patricia Maynard [dec] [nee Mayers]

Patricia Wenman [nee McGourty]

Peter J. McGuire

Rebecca Wheatley - History of Anzac Day ARC Project. Monash University

Renée Evans Senior Project Officer.DEC. Community and Regional Parks Branch.
Robbie Campbell, Operations Officer, Department of Parks and Wildlife. Woodman Point.
Ross & Janice Cattle. NSW
Royal Perth Hospital Medical Museum
Ryan Willis. Facilities Consultant. Department of Sport & Recreation. HO. Leederville.
Shannon Joyner
Sister Eugenia Brennan, The Sisters of St. John of God
Sophie Whinray Durham

State Library of Western Australia - [Battye Library]
Stellar Industries

Stephen & Catherine O'Kane. Queensland

Steve Burdett

Structural Marine
Terry & Mark Ianello

The Armstrong Family. NSW

Thelia Halford

The Mission To Seafarers, Flying Angel Club

The Clery Family

The Deane Family

The Harrison Family

The Morris Family

The Poore Family
Western Australian Historical Society

Western Australian Newspapers Ltd
Wilson Signs


Earle Seubert. Woodman Point Quarantine Station Webmaster, Historical Research & Photography
Gail Dodd, The Hidden Community : Woodman Point Quarantine Station
Gail Dodd, A Heritage Interpretation Plan: Woodman Point Regional Park
Ian Darroch, Historical Research. Author "The Boonah Tragedy"
Ian Molyneux and Associates Architects, " An Assessment of Cultural Heritage Significance
and A Conservation Plan for Woodman Point Recreation Camp."
Robert Powell and Jane Emberson, Woodman Point: A Relic of Coastal Vegetation.
WA. Dept. of Sport & Recreation, Woodman Point Recreation Camp: A History 1886 - 1982

Mr. Alan Pearce - Fremantle Port Authority.
Mr. Don Feakes [Dec] - Photographs and History Documentation
Earle Seubert - Woodman Point Quarantine Station Webmaster, Historical Research & Photography
Mr. Ernie Bell - Photographs and History Documentation
Mr. Les Jubbs - Photographs and History Documentation

Murray Slavin & Associates
Mr. Wally Walker - Photographs and History Documentation

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