Clan MacDonald detained with Smallpox 1942 - Woodman Point Quarantine Station

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Clan MacDonald detained with Smallpox 1942

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Clan Line Vessel Clan MacDonald
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The vessel 'CLAN MACDONALD' came under quarantine jurisdiction in the Port of Fremantle in July 1942 with one confirmed case of Smallpox on board. The patient being a 17 year old 3rd Class Radio officer Dennis Barrington who would survive his ordeal, and some 40 years later return to Western Australia to thank those individuals at the Woodman Point Quarantine Station for assisting him in his  remarkable recovery. Another Smallpox case would eventuate from this incident after the CLAN MACDONALD had been given "free pratique" and sailed from Fremantle, and that being a 20 year old 7th Engineer, Robert P McLean, who was confirmed with Smallpox off the Southern Australian coast and he would then be discharged at the Point Nepean Quarantine Station in Portsea Victoria. It is assumed that Robert McLean contacted the Smallpox after assisting the Medical Officer on board the CLAN MACDONALD to restrain Dennis Barrington who had become delirious in the Isolation Ward on the vessel prior to her arrival in Fremantle.
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Compiled by Earle Seubert

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