Arthur D. Waters. 1943 - Woodman Point Quarantine Station

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Arthur D. Waters. 1943

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Karrakatta Cemetery
SS Suva Memorial
The W.R.Carpenter owned Pacific trading vessel SS Suva that had been requistioned by the Commonwealth as a transport for war supplies to New Guinea and other Pacific islands, arrived off the Western Australian coast in March 1943, while most of the twenty eight crew onboard were developing various degrees of Smallpox. One crewman, Sakusa Veiwili, had died on the 19th March 1943 on the voyage to Fremantle, and was buried at sea, and the remainder of the vessel's crew were landed at Woodman Point on 26th March 1943. The more serious cases had been tended to, prior to the vessel's arrival of Fremantle, by the thirty eight year old Chief Officer, named Arthur David Waters, who had only been vaccinated against Smallpox in his infancy, and courageously, he would inturn contact the disease whilst caring for his men enroute to Fremantle, and he would die from Smallpox at the Woodman Point Quarantine Station at 2.30PM on the 1st April 1943.

Chief Officer, Arthur David Waters died at 2.30PM 1st April 1943, and cremation began a 9.10PM that day, and finished at 7.00AM on the 2nd April. The service was read by the OIC of the Quarantine Station, Mr. Roy McIntosh, and then the burial took place in the Woodman Point Military Cemetery.
In 1958, his remains were re-interred at the Karrakatta Cemetery.
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